Picking a WordPress theme is one of the most crucial stages of your website development. You might be confused about your website theme – to choose whether the free or the paid theme.

One of the simplest things to make sure with WordPress is that you just have a good website that is simple to manage, customization, and versatile. With both the choices – paid and free, sites created on WordPress get lots of unique designs with a variety of add-ons and plugins which can help you develop a much better website.

Whether you want to keep it simple, sleek or up-to-date with several progressive options, you can get the perfect WordPress theme for your Business website. All it needs some searching. For a blog on WordPress, don’t simply choose the one that you consider is your niche relevant. you want to select a website that works fine with your content and goals with the web presence.

One of the most important issues related to WordPress themes is to decide on a free or paid theme. Before selecting any theme, look on your website concept, so decide what you wish a simple or an advanced functionality theme. For a website with more advanced options and functionalities, you should select a paid theme.

Advantages Of Paid Themes

Paid themes give more customization and choice; it helps you to make a unique website. Though paid themes is associated with many customized options, the most outstanding advantage of a paid WordPress theme is that you receive consistent updates. Whereas several free themes rarely or never gets updated. Paid themes are inspected and updated usually. The paid theme ensures that your website stays constant, operates great with the most recent updates, and maintains functionality. Another great thing is that it provides a unique and less recognizable layout and design plans. Paid themes usually also have additional options than other Business sites, like plugins, a portfolio manager, etc. although these additional options provide your website a lot of flexibility.

Following are the factor to consider while selecting a WordPress website theme

Is this WordPress theme responsive

Having a responsive theme is totally essential for every individual and business. People rely on phones or tablets for internet browsing, and websites that are not optimized for that format can be difficult to navigate.

Is this theme convenient for my content

The type of content you place on your website is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a theme. If you have a website dedicated to showcasing your art portfolio, a theme that uses large images and has great gallery options would be your best bet.

Is this theme focus on user experience

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your WordPress theme is if it makes it difficult for your user to navigate your website. consider things like typography and font size, navigation, and search function—all of these should be optimized so you can keep your visitors interested and engaged with your content.

Is the theme is SEO friendly

Your WordPress theme plays an important role in your site’s SEO friendliness. A pleasant theme can still generate poorly coded HTML, this could affect your site’s performance on search engines. It could be crucial for beginners to analyze a theme’s source code on their own. this is why several premium WordPress theme developers will let you know that their pages are optimized for SEO.

Is this theme is browser compatible

Your users will be using completely different browsers. Your theme may look good on the browser you use, however, there might be something broken in other browsers. This is where browser compatibility comes in. Most WordPress theme developers test their themes directly by using sophisticated browser compatibility testing tools.

Is this theme support plugins

The real potential of WordPress comes with WordPress plugins. These plugins make it possible for you to do everything with your website.

Is this theme has good user reviews

Reviews are always a good way to assess quality. Many theme owners offers an option to filter themes by ratings. Customers’ past experiences can help you to find potential problems before you choose the theme.


When selecting a new theme, the visual presentation and responsiveness of the template will be the most important factor while making a final decision, along with the other points that we have mentioned. Make sure your selected theme must have all the mentioned factors.

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