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Store Locator converts more consumers into customers at every point of the customer journey, by reaching them on the channels they are using to engage with your brand/ business.


About Product

Store Locator software lets your customers enter a pin code, address or place name and get a list of your nearest stores or products, complete with an attractive interactive map and driving directions. Our industry leading solution make it easy to give consumers a flawless, integrated and consistent experience on every device, search engine and platform they are using to connect with you. Store Locator works virtually anywhere. It comes with easy to implement tools for integrating a store or dealer locator into your site or CMS. Get Store Locator Software on your website and see for yourself why the most successful businesses use Store Locator to send web visitors to their stores.

Product Features

Feature-rich and highly-configurable locator software. Manage locations, settings, data quality, analytics and more in our comprehensive web-based control panel.

Locate Multi-Store

Allows You to add your multiple stores so that your customer can find his nearest store.

Configure Settings

Plugin user/administrator can configure where to show Stores, Logo Selection for each Store, API Key insertion Option.

User-Friendly Design

Fully customizable product catalog layouts.

Quick Support

A plugin provides support for custom development, know additional services provided by us, etc.

Flexible Data

Provide extra details for stores like the phone, fax, email, URL, description and opening hours. There are filters

Quick Search

Show the search results either under neath the map or next to it.


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Frequently asked questions

Here are the questions our clients most frequently ask us – if what you’re after isn’t covered here, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The short answer is almost certainly yes. Our Store Locator software works on every web, E-Commerce or Blogging platform anyone has ever asked us about.
Our locator can be used for any kind of location search - distributor locators, dealer locators, doctor locators, whatever your requirement is, we can support it.
We support locations in any country where Google Maps provides a mapping service which is virtually the entire planet.

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